My mind has touched the farthest horizons of mortal imagination and reaches ever outward to embrace infinity.
There is no knowledge beyond my comprehension, no art or skill upon this entire planet that lies beyond the mastery of my hand.
And yet, like Faust, I look in vain, I learn in vain...
For as long as I live, no woman will ever look on me in love.

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Whew!!  HUGE post, this has taken me forever to get loaded up!  Hope everyone likes.  I love comments, so please comment, especially if you snag something.  God, i'm such a hopeless praise whore.  *sigh*

If its textless, you can use it if you give due credit for coloring, etc.  Thanks!

35 Gerard Butler related icons
20 Multi fandom/random stock icons
3 LJ banners

Tutorials for banners: 
(mind you, I tried not to follow them to the exact letter, just some graphics and the general idea)

[profile] millergurl

[personal profile] jacks_echo

The rest of my resources are in the mems under Resources!


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Not quite as much Gerry as I'd hoped, but its been a slow week for me.  I did make some extra goodies though that I hope you like.

Same comments and please don't steal and claim as your own.  Not that you'd want to, there is plenty out there much better than me. ;)

11 Gerard Butler icons-contests and misc. 
17 Snow White/Misc Stock/Bourne Identity/Bambi icons 
2 Gerard Butler related banners 
1 Roses banner - pics by [profile] rawenen 
1 Shattered (Gerard Butler) wallpaper 


Credits for textures, brushes, always...are in my memories under resources. Thanks!

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All I will say out of the cut is that he looked amazing! *fans*

Yes, I know it's aired, but I also know some people tape it to watch later, so that being said, I've put the spoiler and the video link inside the cut. 

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Here you go friends....some icons and a Gerry header.  Really starting to love clipping masks!  Weeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

#1, 3, 4, 5 - misc. Gerard Butler
#2 - Tom Wisdom (Astinos, 300)
#6-13 - Misc. stock (credit below)
#14 - Katherine Heigl
#15 - Lena Headey

Please comment, credit and loooooove.....



Girl bases by:  [profile] vblackangelv[profile]
Coloring tutorial on some icons by:   [profile] dusty_memories   (tut here)

Banner coloring and style based on:  [profile] another_trauma   (tut here)

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A few more Gerry/300 icons, just throwing them out for you all.  I had intended to hold these and wait for a larger update, but unfortunately, the story has taken a lot of my graphics time.  So I decided to go ahead and put them up.

Also, I'm about to load chapter 5 of The Killing Moon, give me about 5 minutes....

300 Bases by: [profile] loyaldreamer
Please don't use the textless as bases, if you want a base, go see her for them.
No need for a cut for the enjoy!


And one Gerry sig:

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More Gerry/300 icons/graphics:

Please don't use the textless icons as bases, as I put my own coloring on them.  Credit for the bases are inside with the graphics.
Please credit and comment....its tasty and makes me happy! ;)

10-300 icons
2-Gerard Butler
1-Gerard Butler wallpaper
1-Gerard Butler signature


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These are some of the ones I had done before I got a LJ account and began posting here. Enjoy!

Please credit if you snag, don't use textless as bases and I love comments!



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Made some more icons from 300 and one of Gerry by himself.

Most of the bases are courtesy of [profile] thespian_geek     .  Thank you thank you!  
The do dads, text and textures are mine.  Hope everyone likes. ;)

(btw, apparently with this icon generator, when I view the entry without the cut, the icons are there, but if I view the cut, the icons disappear, yet when I edit the entry, they reappear, if anyone doesn't see the icons, please tell me and I'll fix it....ugh)

UPDATE: got rid of the generator, hope this works better.  *sighs*

11 icons
1 Gerry
10 from 300
   5 of Stelios (1 is animated)
   2 of The Captain
   1 of Dilios
   1 of the King
   1 Dilios' hand (lol)

If you take, please let me know and credit both myself and [profile] thespian_geek    .

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These were just a couple I threw out last night after Roxy gave me some suggestions....
I'm really beginning to crush on The Captain, he ain't bad to look at.  *big grin*



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Here is another batch of multi-fandom icons:

3 from Detroit Rock City
3 from stock photos
5 from Dear Frankie
9 from 300
and 1 Gerard Butler

Enjoy and remember...snag if you like, non-text are not bases and please let me know if you like....compliments do more for me than chocolate most days....thanks!!

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Okay, for all you Steli-girls out there, I started a yahoo group devoted to Stelios/Michael Fassbender.  So, if you love him as much as I do, please join and we can converse talk drool and have fun!

here is the link...

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Well, I decided to go off hiatus, although I'm still resting up. Got bored as hell, so I made some goodies, hope you enjoy them!

17 icons of -300:
1 - 300 wallpaper and sig set:
1 icon of -Gerard Butler:
1 of -General Hospital (Sonny)
1 of -Hex (Azazeal)
1 of -Christian Bale
1 of -Christmas Story (Freaky Santa)
1 of -Can't Buy Me Love (Ronald)

Icons, icons everywhere.... )

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So, this will be my last post for a while as I'm going on a short hiatus.  But, until I return, enjoy these that I made this weekend.
Have a fun filled April and don't get into too much trouble....

Don't forget to walk in the ocean....

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Well, has it reached obsession level when you see 300 7 times?  Umm....
Just finished my 7th viewing and you'd think by now that.....well, don't want to spoil it. ;)
So here you are, a few more goodies i put together this morning.  Enjoy.....

Oh and btw....
me being new to LJ....does anyone happen to know how to put those little links at the bottom of the posts that link back to another post?  You've seen them all, at the left hand corner of the posts, sometimes with little sayings and such, then you click on it and it takes you to another post.  Lots of icon makers do this.  Sure would like to know how, unless its so obvious its under my nose, yet that wouldn't surprise me a bit.  So, help a girl out, k?

More from A Christmas Story:


and some from 300:


Go ahead, go hug the King....I mean, he's know...
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Okay, this is my first time posting my goodies to livejournal, so this is not all of the ones I've done.  
If you wanna snag, help yourself, please comment if you do, I likey.....

A Christmas Story:


Death on the Nile:




If you like to see more, please go to my website:
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It appears I'm quite ready for this now.

This is my new post to my new LJ page, my old one having been removed already.  I needed a change!

So yes, a good pic now of 300!  *sigh*

Much much off to play with the options!



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