My mind has touched the farthest horizons of mortal imagination and reaches ever outward to embrace infinity.
There is no knowledge beyond my comprehension, no art or skill upon this entire planet that lies beyond the mastery of my hand.
And yet, like Faust, I look in vain, I learn in vain...
For as long as I live, no woman will ever look on me in love.

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Just a few icons I made for some contests.  I'll have a larger icon post in a week or so.

Here is the birthday cookie my parents got for me last week.  It was sooooooooo good!  Always nice to have your parents give you a bit of spoiling even close to 40. :D

And YEAH! Going to see Phantom tomorrow, I can't wait.  But until then, I'm hopelessly bored again.  I would be glad to make anything for anyone who wants it...icons, LJ banners, wallpaper, etc....just ask!  Anyone....please....?

So, on to the goodies....

3 Phantom icons
4 PS I Love You icons
2 James Norrington (POTC) icons 
1 icon, banner and wallpaper set - Gerard Butler

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Yes, it needed to be gone...purged and ready to be snagged.  Hope you like, a little bit of everything, including some Gerry goodies. :D

Please comment, credit and don't hotlink.  Thanks!

Set One-Gerard Butler related
1-7: Shattered
8-21: Phantom-Opera house,Carlotta and Christine costumes
22-27: Phantom-Raoul

Set Two-Non-fandom related
1-4: Rock Hudson/Doris Day
5-7: Queen of the Damned
8-12: Marilyn Monroe
13-30: misc. stock, contests, etc.



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Whew!!  HUGE post, this has taken me forever to get loaded up!  Hope everyone likes.  I love comments, so please comment, especially if you snag something.  God, i'm such a hopeless praise whore.  *sigh*

If its textless, you can use it if you give due credit for coloring, etc.  Thanks!

35 Gerard Butler related icons
20 Multi fandom/random stock icons
3 LJ banners

Tutorials for banners: 
(mind you, I tried not to follow them to the exact letter, just some graphics and the general idea)

[profile] millergurl

[personal profile] jacks_echo

The rest of my resources are in the mems under Resources!


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Not quite as much Gerry as I'd hoped, but its been a slow week for me.  I did make some extra goodies though that I hope you like.

Same comments and please don't steal and claim as your own.  Not that you'd want to, there is plenty out there much better than me. ;)

11 Gerard Butler icons-contests and misc. 
17 Snow White/Misc Stock/Bourne Identity/Bambi icons 
2 Gerard Butler related banners 
1 Roses banner - pics by [profile] rawenen 
1 Shattered (Gerard Butler) wallpaper 


Credits for textures, brushes, always...are in my memories under resources. Thanks!

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View the Gerard banners at your own risk....very hot pictures.....whooooo.....

Not a terribly huge post this week, but I'd been working on them off and on.  ;)

16 Bugs Life icons
5 Tom and Jerry icons
2 Monsters Inc. icons
screencaps by: 

[profile] dj_capslock
8 Gerard Butler/Phantom icons:
icon textures for Phantom icons by: [profile] moonaball
found here
3 Gerard related banners 


Please don't steal, hotlink or claim designs as your own.
Comment, credit, snag all you like and enjoy them!



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I think there is a little something for everyone!

Please please comment, credit....
snag if you if you're so inclined. ;)

[profile] ohhsnaap 

[profile] haudvafra
Scrappy_Chic_by_SwearToShakeItUp  (I wish I had a link, but I believe it's at deviantart)
[profile] reyesphile

If I missed anyone, I apologize.  And as always, my resources are listed in my mems.

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I've added the entire file of The Killing Moon to my website, for those who want to read the whole, finished story.

Its listed on the left side under Fan Fiction.  Thanks to those who took the time to read it on and review. ;)
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I do understand the word "overkill".  No, really I do.  So before you all get tired of seeing crap from me, I'll take a breather.  I've worn my photoshop completely out.  It's taking a long needed cigarette break.

Anyhoo, I did these over the weekend.  Some of the banners are old wallpapers that I revamped with new coloring, etc.

So, you know the drill....
Comment, credit, snag, love love love...

Textures, brushes, etc that are used here can be found in my memories under Resources!
(when I snag something like that, I meme the page...but if I do forget, please alert me and I'll fix it)

Gerard Butler/POTO icons
Lena Headey icons
Scotland banner
Katherine Heigl banner
Gerard Butler/POTO banners

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Yep, I'm screwin' everyone up again with random stuff.  But I can't help it if I find something I like.  Lots of Andre ladies, snag away.  I was in an Andre mood.  I need to work on some others, such as Attila or Terry as well.  Next project.....*giggles*

Comment, credit, snag, looooove.....

I don't mind the use of the textless icons as bases as long as you give me credit for the coloring.

To save time and because I'm lazy as hell (but I don't want to offend), unless specified, all tutorials, bases, brushes, textures, etc..that are used her are listed under my memories.  I add them to mems as I go, so they should be there.  If you have a specific question about where I found something, I'll be glad to try and answer you. ;)

18 Katherine Heigl icons
2 stock San Francisco icons
17 Andre Marek icons (Gerard Butler)
1 stock banner
1 POTO banner
2 Andre Marek banners
1 stock San Francisco wallpaper

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Okay, the sad part is, I really have nothing better to do. *sigh* Geez...once I get started on something, I can't stop until I'm done. Most of the banners are re-do's from some old sigs and wallpaper that needed a bit of updating, the rest is whatever decided to float my boat. ;)
I made my own old photo template as not to start getting into using someone else's. I think I have it down now and I like it. I'm sure everyone will grow bored with it. When you all do, I'll find something else. ;)

****Comment, credit, snag, loooooove**** 

Good God, I had a huge brain fart and forgot to add the two FO banners and the POTO icons.  Forgive me!  I've added them where they should be under the cut and made changes below.  Hope you like!

16 stock icons from

[profile] simplybases and [profile] acidicicons
using brushes found at deviantart (using the photoshop brushes keyword search)
1 Gerry icon
4 POTO icons 
7 Gerry/POTO related banners
1 Katherine Heigl banner 
2 Phantom Friends Only banners



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Well, I made the leap and purchased a permanant LJ account!  *sigh* I was talking to [profile] ravenroxanne last night and was weighing the options of whether or not I should, but as I checked this morning, IF I were to purchase a paid account, including the max userpics and max storage, it would be about $54 dollars a year.  The permanant account is $150, so thats a little over 3 years worth for life.  (Forgive my math if I'm wrong, I can't add 2+2)  So, I decided to go for it.  Its pathetic cuz I already have 3 domain names and as many sites, but I figure, if I keep this and my photobucket running, I wouldn't need much else, except for video storage, which I have plenty of now.  I'm happy about it, especially the no-ad thing, plus getting to have all the userpics.  No more rotating out.  Plus, $25 dollars of it goes to charity, so if you're thinking of doing it, go for it. ;)

And here are some new goodies.  No icons today kiddies, just some banners and a wallpaper, but I hope you still like.

Comment, credit, snag, looooooove looooooooove loooooooooooove..... :D
(and yes, hotlinking is NOT don't do it)

Listed below each section under the cut.

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Chapter 21 is now up at!

Hope you all enjoy it!

(And before you ask, I don't know who did this pic, but I really like it. No, it's not of Gerry's version, but I still think its great!)

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Okay, okay I know.  I keep changing out my damn headers.  I'm in a mood, its so addictive.  So yeah here is another header.  This design was inspired by the tutorial by:  

[profile] another_trauma 

The link to the tut is below.  I followed it pretty well and added a couple of extra brushes of my own.

And chapter 14 of The Killing Moon is up!

Hope you enjoy the story and I'd love to have some reviews or comments.  Thanks.
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Chapter 12 of The Killing Moon is up, hope you all enjoy it!

And, would someone tell me how to load up a custom friends only banner?  I have one made but is there a code I need to insert into the custom CSS section?  HELP PLEASE!  ;)  THANKS!
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Chapter 10 is now up!

Here is the link again for those who might have missed it.

Thanks for all the reviews and support!  Hope you enjoy it. ;)

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Sorry, just got to goofing around and I made a scotland banner for my LJ theme. No, nobody freak, Leonidas isn't gone forever. I just put up the banner so everyone could give me their opinion on it. Does it work with the current color scheme or should I tweak some of the colors around a bit? 

I plan to make a huge icon run here in the next few days. I found some great new icon bases that I want to work with also. 

Plus, I should be updating The Killing Moon by posting chapter 9 on Monday, Tuesday tops.  I'm writing chapter 13 now ;)

So, that being is also a new sig I made the other day. 

Please credit me if you use it somewhere, i'd appreciate it. ;) 

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thanks to jackiesjunkie for this!  I love this because thats one of my very favorite flowers!  *sigh*
And chapter 6 of the story is now up!  Please give me a review over at, please!

I am a

What Flower
Are You?

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Wow, has my ass been busy today!

First of all, I figured out how to do over rides here on LJ, so I could put in my custom header with this theme.  YEAH!!  okay, I know people know how to do that, but I figured out how on my own and without pulling out (much) my hair.

Second, i've added chapter 3 to The Killing Moon.  Its over at  Hopefully everyone will go read it.  The link is on the post below this one.  ;)

Whew.....gonna go watch a movie now. ;)
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Hi!  Okay, here is my new fanfiction story.  Its far different than my other Erik stories as its modern and a little supernatural, but I hope you'll all read it and review it here and over at  Here is the link to my profile, as the story was just put up and its not on the listings yet. 

If anyone wants to read my other Erik fanfiction, go to

Until then, you can read it here.


Again, it drew itself closer until they were a mere inches apart. The young girl’s eyes marveled over the creature, fascinated by its sleek black body and pale green eyes. The most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Not even her own Siamese cat, Ming, had such soulful, meaningful eyes. It was as if this strange feline seemed to know her, know her thoughts, her feelings.

Because, it did.

Here is the link to the story on

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It appears I'm quite ready for this now.

This is my new post to my new LJ page, my old one having been removed already.  I needed a change!

So yes, a good pic now of 300!  *sigh*

Much much off to play with the options!



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