My mind has touched the farthest horizons of mortal imagination and reaches ever outward to embrace infinity.
There is no knowledge beyond my comprehension, no art or skill upon this entire planet that lies beyond the mastery of my hand.
And yet, like Faust, I look in vain, I learn in vain...
For as long as I live, no woman will ever look on me in love.

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Sorry there isn't any Gerry in this post, just random stuff.  Hope you like anyway.

Please comment if you take, I'd truly appreciate it.  Even if you don't take, I'd sure like to know if you're even viewing them.

THIS POST IS NOW AT [community profile] crimson_iink!!

Btw, for [personal profile] alatariel, the second half of chapter 2 of The Fallen will be posted in about two hours is now posted, so be looking for it. :D

New chapter of The Fallen is now up, here is the link:

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Whew!!  HUGE post, this has taken me forever to get loaded up!  Hope everyone likes.  I love comments, so please comment, especially if you snag something.  God, i'm such a hopeless praise whore.  *sigh*

If its textless, you can use it if you give due credit for coloring, etc.  Thanks!

35 Gerard Butler related icons
20 Multi fandom/random stock icons
3 LJ banners

Tutorials for banners: 
(mind you, I tried not to follow them to the exact letter, just some graphics and the general idea)

[profile] millergurl

[personal profile] jacks_echo

The rest of my resources are in the mems under Resources!


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Not quite as much Gerry as I'd hoped, but its been a slow week for me.  I did make some extra goodies though that I hope you like.

Same comments and please don't steal and claim as your own.  Not that you'd want to, there is plenty out there much better than me. ;)

11 Gerard Butler icons-contests and misc. 
17 Snow White/Misc Stock/Bourne Identity/Bambi icons 
2 Gerard Butler related banners 
1 Roses banner - pics by [profile] rawenen 
1 Shattered (Gerard Butler) wallpaper 


Credits for textures, brushes, always...are in my memories under resources. Thanks!

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Lots and lots of icons this time. ;)  

Most were entered in contests, some won, some didn't.  (You can check out the winner banners in my profile) Hope you all like. ;)
Resources for all brushes, textures, etc can be found in my memories under Resources.

The Johnnie Donne (Gerard in The Jury) icons were a joint effort by me and [profile] ravenroxanne.  The screencaps were hers, so please add her for credit.  The textless ones can be used for bases if you credit us both, thanks!

19 Gerard/related icons 
18 Misc stock and Gene Tierney icons 
4 Banners and FO banners 
1 Gerard wallpaper

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Well, I'm not sure why I'm going through it, but I've entered some icontests.  I never thought that I would, never thought I was good enough, but I decided to give it a shot.  I've only been doing it about 2 weeks, but its pretty fun.  It also takes a lot of patience, which I'm not good at, but it'll force me to be.  LOL!

Also, I've discovered the art of Kurt Halsey.  He's amazing!  I found a huge batch of his work and I made a couple of things out of it.

So, I hope you all like them and I love comments, its hugs from Gerard (if I would ever be lucky enough to get one)

Credit for brushes, bases, etc can always be found in my mems, under resources and icon bases!

5 Gerard/related contest icons
8 Gerard/related icons
10 Misc/stock icons (contests as well)
6 Gerard/related banners
1 Kurt Halsey banner
1 Gerard wallpaper
2 FO banners
   1 Kurt Halsey
   1 Gerard


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